I tried horse riding on holiday and now it's my passion ! Visit for more on my blog

Horse was not my priority before, but my friend is passionate about it. Two years ago, I took a holiday on the ranch of my friend for one week. And she proposed me to ride on horse. I was afraid to ride on it, but at the end of the week, the horse communicate with me, and I fail in love with him.

My first ride with Hugo

Hugo is now 7 years old, yes, it is an adult horse but we are in complicity and we always gain at every obstacle competition. Hugo is a Kladruber race, with his slightly mottled fur, he is just for me. I got him two years ago, and last month, I bought a female, a Lusitano race that Hugo loves very much. She is named Amor, because she is so lovely. My first riding with Hugo was a lovely day, even we are in the 5th position that day. Now that we jump one hour a day, I know his limit and even we had not tried to jump 1.50 m, I know that one day we success. You know, having a horse is not a simple desire. He needs more attention than a dog or a cat. First of all, he must be equipped for his activity, even Amor with our little riding go better with the best quality equipment. So for any materials and everything about horse, I suggest you to visit for more and appreciate their catalog of many equipment options, especially for the saddles.

Your equipment choice

Horse is my passion today, and I have two horses that work for me. And my life is marvelous. You know, I got Hugo on 2,000 dollars when he was just 5 years old. His already has his own equipment that I bought with him. But now, he has two sorts of saddles that I got online on Equitack Company. This saddler is a very good partner when we talk about horse. I have a mentor from them, to teach me some lesson, and I am proud to see that the horse adopts it easily. They are professional, about this horse’s world, and now that I have Amor, I think to move with them later and having a nice life together.

On my very soon blog, I will show you how much you have to spend on a horse one year, and when he is in competition, how much did he bring? So, see you later.

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