Rent your boat with Samboat during your Barcelona trip

It's understandable if you're a little confused about the visit to Spain, having as quickly flew over the Catalan capital before taking water in Barcelona.

The city and its prestige

But spend a little review of the city, and put our eyes a minute on the Sagrada Familia, in fact, this is a stunning medieval architecture with joyful for the commemoration of the death of “Gao die.” Barcelona is also famous for this Gothic title, besides the neighborhood that bears his name deserves a look to get lost in the stories. And you can also have views surrounded by arcaded Plaça Reial. Then we go on the streets of El Raval under the eyes of thieves, but it is a very nice neighborhood specially to take some pictures before the statue of the big cat Botero. Barcelona is also famous for the Museum of Barcelona, ​​which is lulled by the sound of skateboards. And here we are in El Born, which is the preferred tourist area. And now,

To the delight of travelers

Facing the sea with the beach that has been renovated yet, gold bars and restaurants in upper floors are still there. It was on the beach that young people are having fun and here we are in the game “Beach Volleyball”. The Ferryboats who borrow the Mediterranean pass the port of Barcelona. One can rent a boat barcelona for half past one ET to tour the Barcelona, in all ways, the city's monuments are visible in the water. We also have the possibility to rent a catamaran and get lost in other banks to Costa Brava. But you can just stay in port by renting a cabin in a yacht that is also a practice in vogue right now.

Barcelona is a place where one feels out of place, but everything is unpredictable and we love to travel with lots of surprises. It's a moment you never forget, and frankly, it's a great place.

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